What We Do

Mobile marketing technology at the point of sale for retail stores

Card Swipe Messaging

The company provides “card swipe” messaging via SMS, based on customer profiles and buying history from loyalty card reporting.

People register themselves in a profile associated with their debit, credit or loyalty card. The mobile device number is attached to the profile on file. When the card is swiped at any activated retail location, we can push messages and web links.

For example: When the card is swiped at a gas pump, we send a thank you message and link to discounts in your store. Or, we send a link to your mobile payment app.

Mobile Payment and Loyalty App

Zingon has made it simple for consumers to use our mobile app for payment, loyalty, coupons and store information. Because there are no “industry standards,” we integrate to individual payment companies (like National Payment Card), POS vendors like Pinnacle and Verifone, CPG coupons through companies like Coupons.com, and add your individual store information.

The integration is combined into a single consumer app for both Android and iOS, keeping our simple philosophy up front. It’s easy to use and eliminates carrying all the individual elements for your stores: Credit Card, Loyalty Card, Clipped Coupons and a phone to look up store locations and gas prices.