How it Works

Zingon has developed a mobile commerce platform that contains a proprietary toolset, allowing an improved consumer-retailer relationship. The toolset is customizable for both Android and iOS platforms, allowing for complete re-skinning and the modification of the user interface. It was designed to maximize functionality, while still maintaining ease of use. We focused on mobile payment and loyalty as the reasons studies have shown consumers will use app. Then we have added store information, along with a very sophisticated coupon and offer delivery system, optimized to increase impulse buying on-site.

Apps built from scratch are developed with the specific customers needs in mind and are often cost prohibitive for smaller retail chains. Our hybrid solution allows for individualization of functionality, design, features and UI, while utilizing the toolset developed for all retailing commerce. This can be delivered for a fraction of the cost from typical application developers.

We’ve also used our experience to develop a white label app that includes every retailer’s essential needs in todays competitive app market. Our coupons, offers and mobile loyalty functionality can all be “bolted on” to an existing app.